Wednesday, July 24, 2013

World Spa & Well-being Convention 2013

Such was the success of last year's World Spa and Well-being Convention that anticipation is already growing for the 2013 event, especially among those who were fortunate enough to attend the 2012 convention.

OK, perhaps we are a little biased, being spa and health fanatics, but the fact is the spa and health industry is hugely important to Southeast Asia, particularly to Thailand, playing a significant part in the cultured, identity, and economy of the nation. The Thai spa and well-being industry goes far beyond the luxury Phuket resorts and swanky Bangkok days spas, with a wealth of family run massage shops and spas built around the global reputation of the Thai spa market and the traditional practices which go back 100s of years, still practiced throughout the villages and temples of rural Thailand.

This exhibition is the time and place for the many of the industries customers, spa owners, innovators, and service providers to network and show off their latest products and services. It's an ideal event for new and experience spa owners and product developers to exchange ideas and learn from industry leaders, gain inspiration, and get noticed. However, the main aim of the exhibition is to help local spas and wellness businesses get a foothold in this competitive industry, which is already so crucial to tourism and further development of the region. It's also an opportunity for leading innovators to showcase their latest products and treatments, and a chance for those practicing the traditional arts to share and preserve the ancient skills and knowledge. 

The exhibition will feature a wide range of spa and wellness businesses, including lots of resources and educators, spa consultants, product developers, even architects and spa designers. It really is a valuable opportunity for different spa businesses and professionals to network and connect.

The event is led by a series of industry experts and guest speakers, including key players and well respected wellness gurus, with the theme of the 2013 event being 'By hand, through head, with heart' hoping to encourage lots of hands on demonstrations, head to head exchanging of ideas and practices, and showcasing those at the heart of the industry.

The World Spa & Well-being Convention 2013 will be taking place at the IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, on 18th to 21st September. Dermascent will proudly be among those exhibiting their products and services at the event, and we very much look forward to meeting our customers, colleagues, and those interested in learning more about our range of spa products.

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