Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Guide to Chiang Mai's Spas

The Spas of Chiang Mai

The cultural capital of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is known for its rich traditions, deeply spiritual customs, and laid-back vibe, all of which help to make it the ideal location for those seeking rest, recuperation, and spiritual discovering. 

Fortunately, Chiang Mai is also the home to several notable spas and wellness resorts, ranging from traditional family run Thai massage shops to luxury spa retreats offering the latest innovations in beauty and wellness, with just about every budget catered for. 

Chiang Mai is the perfect example of how the Thai spa industry has developed into the 21st Century, building on its ancient traditions of pampering and relaxation, while exploring modern day concepts and innovative products, to offering some extremely exciting treatments and unique resorts.

Here's a rundown of some of the best spa and wellness resorts in Chiang Mai:

The Spa Resort (4 Huaysai)         

A multi-award winning spa resort with an award-winning restaurant, the spa resort in Chiang Mai is literally THE spa resort in Chiang Mai. Set on the picturesque hillside of Lychee Grove this mammoth resort offers an extremely long menu of treatments from detox, to health based therapies, to yoga and meditation. The resort also offers a convalescence programme for those recovering from surgery.

OasisSpa (102 Sirimuangkarajan Road) 

One of Chiang Mai's award-winning spas, the Oasis Spa now has two locations in Chiang Mai, one located in the old town near Way Phra Singh, the other in Nimmenhemin. Treatments here enthuse traditional Thai massage techniques with modern products and herbal remedies, with facilities including jacuzzis and steam baths. For the ultimate in pampering opt for their 'four hands' massage. 

RarinjindaWellness Spa and Resort (1, 14 Chareonraj Road)  

A modern, independent wellness resort located across the Ping River, the Rarinjinda offers a long list of spa treatments and pampering packages including mud therapy, a detoxifying infra red sauna, and a herbal rainforest steam sauna. The top treatment here has to be the hydro therapy and body toning, which takes place in their impressive purpose built pool.

A five-star hotel with a spa to match, but this isn't just any hotel spa, in fact the Four Seasons Spa in Chiang Mai has won worldwide recognition, feature luxury private suites and a range of rare and unique products. The vast range of treatments range from ancient Thai skin treatments and massage therapies, to spiritual rejuvenation ceremonies and programmes, as well as a dedicated yoga barn.

By the banks of the Ping River, the Sinativa has long been a one of Chiang Mai's favourite spa clubs. Housed in a very organic, natural environment, this quaint spa offers plenty of treatments including holistic aroma massage, anti-oxidant body scrub, and lots of detox treatments. They also claim to offer unique spa services which other spas cannot.

These are just a few of the amazing spa resorts you'll find in Chiang Mai, not to mention the seemingly 100's of low-cost local massage shops and spa services you'll find on almost every street in town. However, being such a cultured city, Chiang Mai is also home to some of the best spa schools in the country, with several classes and courses available for those looking to learn the ancient arts of Thai massage. For more information see:


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