Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Myths of the Spa Industry

by Kim Loe

Now more than ever, there seem to be so many myths surrounding the spa industry, much of which is in an exciting state of innovation and conceptualising. Many of these myths can be put down to a lack of information or simply scepticism towards an industry that is continually modernising. Here are 5 common myths about modern spas and the truth behind them.

1. Spas are just fancy salons
This is one myth that certainly frustrates a lot of good and pioneering spa managers. Salons are typically all about beauty, with the most common services involving hair and make-up, such as cuts, colouring, perms etc.., and yes, some salons do offer skin care, such as facials, manicures, pedicures. However, even the most basic spa should offer treatments that go beyond beauty, with many modern spas and wellness centres even going way beyond relaxations and stress relief, offering personalised treatments which improve one’s health, treat ailments, and aim to set clients on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

2. Spas are just for pampering oneself
Perhaps the most common myth of all, many people who know little about the spa world buy into the myth that spas are solely about indulgence, with little to no real health benefits; this is a belief that I’m sure has stopped many from experiencing their first spa session. As already mentioned, many modern spas go well beyond pampering, with treatments focussing more on stress relief, anti-aging, detoxification, and even improved immunity, to name but a few health benefits you’ll find, many of which are catered to the individual.

3. Spas are for women
Saying spa treatments are for women is about the same as saying only women suffer from stress, aches and poor health. Certainly in the past many spas catered to attract women visitors, and many publications and advertisements still very typically use female or feminine imagery to draw in the customers, that is just part of the marketing game, but to buy into the belief that men are not welcome at most spas, or even worse, that they would not benefit in the same way, is slightly absurd. Most spas cater toward both sexes, with many modern spas even beginning to tap into the male market, adding in areas of sports therapy and physiotherapy, creating a more welcoming environment to male visitors.
4. Spas are not for everyone
Another common myth is that spas are for the rich, famous and elite. This is simply not true, spas are basically for people who want to live healthily, treat ailments and stress, and improve their general wellbeing. Going to a spa should not be intimidating, and more than any other business or institution you are likely to enter, good spas pufocus their efforts on making every client as relaxed, comfortable and stress free as possible from the moment they enter, regardless of their status or who they are.

5. All Spas are expensive
This myth goes somewhat hand in hand with the idea that spas cater to the elite. Some time ago, before the turn of the millennium, general spas and health resorts were pricey, a little bit beyond the budget of many, or at best seen as a rare treat. Today the same cannot be said, not only have spas in the western world become more accessible to everyone, but spa retreats, resorts and wellness holidays in areas such as Southeast Asia, have become extremely affordable, if not cheap, and spa destinations such as Thailand, are at the front of new innovations and wellness concepts such as multi-sense therapies and unique blood type treatments.

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