Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Modern Spa: Getting into innovation

domiciliari viso 680x1024 FACE HOME CAREby Kim Loe

Gone are the days when the average spa goer would be content with a standard selection of manicures, facials and massages presented to them, anticipating a relaxing afternoon of simple calming and pampering procedures; the modern-day spa client expects so much more for their time and money, and is far more open-minded, aware of the benefits of alternative and personalised treatments, desiring a spa experience which nurtures and nourishes their mind, body and soul.
As with any business, spas survive by keeping up with current trends and the needs of their customers, if not ahead of them, so it’s time for serious spas to think outside the box and take on the challenge of creating a comprehensive spa experience that not only offers a temporary haven of pleasure and relaxation, but one that educates, transgresses through the senses, and leaves customers heading in the right direction towards better health and wellness.

Many spas have already begun to act, taking on a certain concept, adopting a set of health and beauty beliefs, and promising their customers benefits that go far beyond better skin and a temporary good feeling. Today’s customers are spoiled for choice and will hold high expectations, not only looking for procedures that suit their needs and ailments, but desiring a treatment that sets them towards a healthier lifestyle, with many now preferring spas which offer tailor-made experiences, catering to the individual.

                                         Finding your niche
Pleasing one’s customers (and attracting new ones) is not simply a case of selling a lifestyle concept or offering a new range of personalised modern spa treatments, one can’t simply flick through a catalogue of spa products and ideas, selecting the concept which seems most profitable; The spa and spa staff must fully believe in the treatments and products which they are offering, and must be trained and educated in such a way that they are able to get the full potential out of those products and treatments, able to explain the process and benefits to the curious, well informed, health conscious, modern-day spa customers. It’s not about pulling the wool over your customers’ eyes, spa workers are also sales people, selling a better, healthier lifestyle, one which they must wholly buy into themselves, or risk being exposed as ‘non-believers’. 

Going the route of modern personalised treatments, spas must get to know there customers as well as their products, offering a far more individual service, with greater authenticity, acting not only as a sanctuary from the stress and pressure of the world outside, but also as an educator, a ‘health confidant’, and life-coach. No longer are the better spa treatments necessarily about luxury or exclusivity, now one must focus on the unique, the intimate, and the personal.

our immunetra product range offers a range of unique blood type specific products and treatments aimed at benefiting spa goer through knowledge of their individual blood group, with an after-sales service aimed at educating and training all spa staff in order to get the full benefit out of their products.
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