Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Tantalizing Treatments that will get you going to the Spa in 2012

by Kim Loe

Modern spas are no longer about simple relaxation and pampering treatments, with far more spas providing comprehensive lifestyle packages combing well-being, beauty and even mental health, as well as more personal tailor-made treatments.

2012 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for the spa industry with many new, innovative and interesting concepts being brought forward by health resorts and spa projects, all in an attempt to keep up with the high expectations of the modern spa goer.
Here are 10 new and exciting global spa trends and concepts to look out for this year:

1. Health and beauty training. Just as one may have a private fitness trainer, life coach or even personal shopper, private health and beauty training is rapidly growing in popularity. Health and beauty coaches giving one-on-one training aim to not only get you on track with a healthier lifestyle, but they are there to make sure you stick to it!

2. Cold is the new hot. Look out for low temperature treatments aimed at increasing blood circulation and reducing muscles aches and pains. Whilst many of us conjure up images of warm sauna cabins and hot steam rooms when we think about spa treatments, beneficial ice rub downs and snow showers are promising to become all the rage.

3. Family Fun. This year is seeing the increase of family orientated spa packages, embracing the inclusion of younger children with fun and playful treatments aimed at including and educating those younger family members, tackling issues such as health and obesity, as an alternative to crèche and baby-sitting services.

4. The Hollywood Factor. Glamour and grace are back this year with an increase in high-end spa packages and star endorsed treatments. Many affluent health resorts are firmly setting their sights on the make-over market and ‘beauty hunters’, offering glitz and glamour packages from minor manicures to full on hair, face and body make-overs.

5. Feet Treats. On the back of the in vogue fish spa feet treatments and ever popular pedicures, foot-focused health and beauty treatments are promising to be plentiful this year, with a growing number of combined physio, pampering and beauty packages looking to be high on many spa menus.

6. Relocation, relocation, relocation. With many spas bringing in new and alternative techniques and treatments, some health centres are upping sticks and taking the spa to the customers with some surprise new locations including restaurants, entertainment complexes and even amusement parks.

7. Wind, dine and spa time. We’ve all battled temptation as we pass the mouth-watering aromas of the gym canteen or spa cafe after exiting from a rewarding session, but a trend is developing for lengthier spa packages to include fine dining and health meals and drinks, many of which are including diet advice and education.

8. Web Wellness. At first many of us were guilty of spending far too much time in front of the TV, now it’s the computer screen that keeps us inactive. Spa and wellness companies are now coming to the rescue, introducing health games and wellness apps aimed at educating and encouraging us to partake in a healthier lifestyle program.

9. Multi-sense spas. Sound and light have long been used in spa and health centres around the world, aimed at easing our senses with serene background tracks and mellow mood lighting, but now things are starting to get a bit more serious with the many outfits introducing a number of hi-tech frequency and vibration techniques, scientifically backed to improve one’s health.

10. Blood type therapies. The blood type diet caused a mini revolution in the world of healthy eating and it has now begun to influence the spa world with the growing popularity of blood type therapies and products. Based on the concept that certain blood groups react differently with certain nutrients, tailor-made products and therapies are promising you a more beneficial spa experience and a healthier lifestyle, based on your unique blood type.


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