Sunday, December 18, 2011

by Ian Andres

Skin care products from immunetra that are tailored towards your blood type 

The human skin immune system is a fascinating complex body system that protects us from bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other dangerous pathogens (germs). As with many other physical processes, people often take their immune system for granted – until something goes wrong with it!

In the past, medical science primarily worked on ways of curing already-existing illnesses and diseases, but today there is a growing emphasis on preventing illness by boosting the immune system’s strength.
Boosting the skin immune system can help keep the body in peak condition to fight, repel and destroy infections, viruses, and bacteria. There are many ways to help keep the skin immune system functioning at its highest potential. If you take care of your skin, your immune system will in turn take care of you.

Natural Remedies as Immune System Solution
Natural and herbal remedies can provide much-needed assistance in strengthening the immune system and getting the body’s natural defense mechanisms in top shape. The philosophy of beauty and protection approach recognizes that illness is not caused by viruses and bacteria, but by weakened immune systems.

Micro-organisms like the flu virus, TB, etc. are around us all the time, but mostly we manage to resist becoming ill. Boosting the immune system naturally can allow the body to fight off infectious agents without the drawbacks of conventional medication.

Diet is a major factor in boosting the immune system. However,  immune strengthening nutrients can also be absorbed through the skin. With our treatment program you will not only get a healthy boost for the immune system but a relaxing skin treatment at the same time.

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