Friday, December 23, 2011

Blood type spa Training

by Ian Andres

New skin care products are worthless if they are not accompanied by product knowledge and application instructions. At immunetra, we take training and development seriously. Our customers do not only receive our products for sale but go through a series of training programs that we offer for free. The workshops involve knowledge training for spa therapists as well as detailed application training. After all, we want your spa guests to receive the best treatment possible and experience our products in the best possible way.

We also organize specialist workshops where we invite a dermatologist to give spa therapists an insight of how specific nutrients interact with the skin. Contact us for more details at

Below are some photos from a training workshop at Cool Spa (Sripanwa Hotel Phuket) which is considered to be one of the best spas on the island.
Cool Spa is part of the award winning 5-star hotel Sripanwa in beautiful Phuket.

The training program starts of with product knowledge training about the concept of blood types and the nutrients that are beneficial for the different blood types. This is important as spa guests are increasingly more interested to understand what effect spa treatments have and what health benefits the products provide. Product knowledge training ensures that the spa therapists are able to explain all procedures and their benefits. 

Following the product knowledge training a comprehensive application workshop is conducted by a professional trainer. This is intensive but also a fun day for spa therapists. The training is important to ensure quality standards and the correct execution of the spa treatments.

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